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To activate our suggestive Youtube search autocomplete, - simply start typing something in this white box. Along the way select our guess, or finish typing and submit. We will search Youtube for you and show a dozen results. Click on any video to download youtube mp3. We also work with Youtube URL that you copy elsewhere and wanna paste into the white box. Search maybe easier on mobile devices.

Youtube mp3 converter quick info

Hi and welcome to my website that'll help you extract mp3 audio from youtube video free and faster than others.. Let's be frank, - there are dozens of websites like this one, and all of them do youtube to mp3 conversions. But.. They all have popups and malware. Try anything from 1st page of google results for 'youtube to mp3', - you'll see, that every site has nasty popups. Well, we don't and are proud of it! We don't need to pay for this site, it's like $5 per year, so it's nearly free for us, thus it's free for you, where free goes for 'free of ads, popups and malware, and also free to use'. So get comfy, you don't need to go looking for another youtube to mp3 converter - we got the best one right here.

1 - visit Muzlo.Download

2 - start typing name or title

3 - select a video to convert

4 - convert to mp3 and download

So it's very easy to use our website, and after 1 single use I guarantee you will love it and will come back again and again. I've developed this site pretty much for myself, so it will never be anything but friendly and welcoming. Well... Try it out, I guess.. You will like it for sure. 😜

How to convert youtube video to mp3?

That's exactly what my site does - download youtube videos converted into mp3. So the answer would be: use my website! But to be specific, here's a list of quick instructions for desktop devices

Do you accept youtube video link?

Yes, my site can work with youtube link, simply paste it into the white box and we will try to locate and go from there. Some times it's easier than searching.

How do I find mp3s on my computer or phone?

When you use browser to access my site, all your mp3s will be stored in browser's designated downloads folder. It (or they - downloads) can be easily found in browser's menu, there's 'Downloads' option usually. Also helps to press CTRL+J on desktops. From there you can easily find mp3s you downloaded.

What's the mp3 quality? Any metadata added?

Funny you should ask, we do add metadata artist name and song title, and video thumbnail as album art, all neatly packed into the mp3. Sound itself is saved as V4, which is variable bitrate of 256-320kbps a.k.a. HD/HQ sound.

What if I have youtube playlist? Can you do those?

Yes and it's very streamlined as well. Enter youtube video playlist link, submit. See a list of up to 200 videos from that playlist. Click on any one to open mp3 download page. Best to use CTRL+Click, or Right-CLick + Open New Tab, this way the list is always in front of you...

Can I record live conert broadcasts from youtube?

Yes, I can't say no... But 'yes' with a condition. Broadcast should be over and be shorter than allowed conversion length, which is 30min to 1hr, I think.. Wait for live broadcast to be over, then open video page, copy link (press Share button, very easy), then bring it here, submit, and get the mp3.

Some words about this project

Youtube has tons of great music from all over the world. One day I decided - it is time to download that music from youtube... There are tons of indie artists whose music is rarely available else where. There are tons of pop stars and Vevo and all, but I care for different, non-profit sounds.. In any case, you can easily download all of the music from youtube using my site, and it will be mostly free, and it will be in much better quality than your amazon, deezer or whatever spotify you're using.. I am also starting couple of other sites that extract audio from video and save it as mp3 file, for example there's twitter to mp3 converter and instagram video to mp3. Or maybe you have that awesome twitch clip? Well, now you can convert twitch clip to mp3 as well. Also I have this old timer facebook video downloader, check it out.

So I am trying to liberate music off the internet. If you are also passionate about free music, please, email me. Or maybe if you want to suggest some future development plans - I am all ears! Maybe some mp3 converter is missing on the market - I can provide one! Just let me know what, I am hungry for new ideas. like this tiktok video downloader... My most recent one.. But that one was easy...